In business, being on top of the latest trends in marketing is going to make a huge difference in how successful you are in the long term.

One of the most recent trends in marketing is visual content marketing.

If you think that this is a seemingly easy process that just involves having gorgeous pictures on your website and blog or putting up stunning infographics, but you would be wrong.

This will give you a closer look at what visual content marketing is and how it is beneficial as part of your marketing strategy for your business.


startbucks instagram

Starbucks is one company that is super ahead of the game in content marketing. They’ve held a strong presence on Instagram and are currently taking advantage of the shift in season to promote on theme halloween drinks to it’s followers.

What is Visual Content Marketing?


The first thing that you may be wondering is what visual content marketing actually is. Simply put, visual content marketing is the use of graphics and images that are seen and interacted with while you take in various forms of media like slideshows, photos, and interactive graphics. And also an integral part of digital marketing.

Visual content is great because of the way that humans process information. We are visual beings, something that has been proven according to research. Studies have shown that 93% of communication is non-verbal, meaning that you can convey a lot about your company through the use of visual content marketing.

Types of visual content marketing:


  • Photographs
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Presentations
  • Screenshots

Photographs are arguably the most versatile and reusable type of collateral as photos can be graphically manipulated to be banners, sliders, and displayed everywhere from your website to your social media streams.

Great places to use photographs as part of a content strategy are on Pinterest and Instagram which are hugely active and specifically designed for users who engage visually.


target pinterest

Target were early innovators in Pinterest and took full advantage with an integrated strategy to create engagement and promote their products.

Why Use Visual Content Marketing?


The biggest reason you should use visual content marketing is because it will catch the attention of your visitors. There’s a lot of information out there and this can overwhelm customers.

By using various appealing visuals, you can be more innovative and creative about how you present your company. You can tell amazing stories about your company through these visuals, guaranteeing a higher level of engagement with your customers.

Visual content is easier for humans to process than written word. This means that visitors can process this information quicker. This is another reason why visual content marketing is a great idea for businesses. The brain is really only capable of handling so much at one time and you can maximize what your customers take in by adding visuals to your content. Visual content can influence the emotions of your visitors. It is also easier to understand.

visual content marketing example

Kmart, one of Australia’s biggest retailers, cleverly uses photo-heavy content on their website blog to relate to shoppers, offer help and promote their products all at once.


Another reason to consider is that visual content typically generates more views per post. You have heard the saying too many times to count: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This is especially true when you think about visual content marketing. Visual content not only conveys a lot as far as your message but this content is also more shareable, increasing the chances that this content goes viral. Viral content is going to attract new attention to your website and may even end up generating a lot of inbound links.


Benefits of visual content marketing:


  • Catch attention in noisy markets
  • Improve brand messaging
  • Easier for customers to understand
  • Generate more views per post
  • New channels for organic impressions


content marketing example

Nike’s brand power leaks over to their Instagram which boasts nearly 25 million followers who choose to engage with the brand because of their high quality, on topic posts which inspire as well as sell.


Visual content marketing is constantly evolving, but this is certainly a trend that businesses should be keeping up with. Visual content just improves any website as well as making it easier to convey whatever message that your business is trying to send to your customers.

This can be made a lot easier by having a content marketing agency to handle your visual content marketing strategy for your business.

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