Terms and Conditions

By purchasing photos on this website or entering into a service agreement with us by submitting a form you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Last updated 19/01/2018

Lafrankie Agency reserves the right to update the terms and conditions of service without notice



  • The copyright of photos taken by Lafrankie Agency on behalf of our client/s will belong to exclusively to our client/s
  • You may use your images in terms with our agreement which is not restricted by the modelling agency
  • If a testimonial is given it is implied that consent is given to the use of it in the public arena
  • As a client of Lafrankie Agency you consent to the use of your logo for the purpose of promoting that you are a client
  • Lafrankie Agency reserves the right to use the images taken by our team on your behalf for advertising purposes to promote our services. If used the images will be used solely to promote Lafrankie Agency and not for any other company


  • All photoshoots will have varying licensing terms in accordance with the clients needs as negotiated with Lafranie Agency
  • All photos sold as stock images or in a photo pack such as ‘Master Photo Pack’ include the download of the file and a license to use the images for up to 12 months from the date of purchase. These images have an online only licence by which they are permitted to be used on a website, social media, online store or online ads to promote personal or business interests but does not include licensing for printed distribution, posters, billboards, clothing or any other printed use. Further negotiation and licensing fees apply if wishing to use the photos in print.
  • All photos given away for free such as on the ’13 Free Photos’ page will also abide by the online only license as set out above.
  • Images for sale on this website or given away for free are for individual use only. They are not available for resale or to be hosted and given away by anyone other than Lafrankie Agency.
  • In the event that photos are are used outside of our license, such as in the instance where the photos for sale have not been paid for, the perpetrator of copyright will be fined in accordance with the exposure they have received. By downloading a copy of our image you agree to these terms.


  • A refund may be given on advance paid photoshoots up until a shoot day is locked in. After written agreement by both parties the right to a refund is forfeit due to the costs incurred by the agency
  • If you are unhappy with the service you receive for any reason, please contact us at admin@lafrankieagency.com and we will do our best to meet your needs. We may or may not offer to reshoot the content in question or to provide your with other complementary services.

Refund Under the Satisfaction Guarantee

All customers who book under the Satisfaction Guarantee are entitle to a full refund if the photos provided are not satisfactory.
However, receiving a refund waives your right to any photos taken on your behalf or of your products, all rights of said images revert to the agency which may choose to use them to promote the agency. You may not download, screenshot or otherwise take possession of the photos. Nor under any circumstance are you to post photos to social media, any website or online or print channels belonging to your company, employees or affiliates.
In simple terms:
  • You can’t have the photos AND a refund. No screenshots, no sneaky social posts. Zilch.
  • We might use the photos we took on our website to show potential clients in industries similar to yours what else we can do… That’s it.


  • A booking is not confirmed until you’ve made payment either in the form of an agreed deposit or in full
  • Installments are accepted in some cases
  • Recurring clients may apply for credit with 30 day terms


  • Lafrankie Agency are not at all liable for the way in which you use the photos provided by us to you, in the instance of criminal activity, infringement or copyright abuse
  • Lafrankie Agency does not take liability for any of the advice given on this site and acted upon
  • Any blog post is written to reflect the view of the author not the view of Lafrankie Agency



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