One of the biggest myths under the sun is that anything can be original.

This may sound counter-intuitive for a creative agency but experienced creatives know that what appears creative is often an old idea reinterpreted in a new way.

The most successful and creative collaborations have been simply a fusion of great ideas into one melting pot. As far as the advertising and fashion industry goes, it is far more common than not to see recycled ideas which catch on from designer to designer.

Our team has been shooting for over 8 years and in this time we’ve had a lot of requests, briefs and photoshoot inspiration pictures put forward and through all of this, we can see that there are some recurrent ideas that capture the imagination of viewers time and time again.

We put this post together to showcase some of the biggest brands in the world and how they are using concepts that have been around for a very long time.

Use this to see what’s fashionable for your spring or summer photoshoot.

First let’s take a look at Chloe, a massive international fashion brand that’s been around since 1952. This is their Spring/Summer 2017 campaign…

As you can see the images are light, airy and fun. Perfect for a spring time feeling and capturing the imagination.

Incidentally, here are the two outfits as seen in the first Chloe campaign photo for comparison on the runway. Here they look flat, dull and pretty underwhelming. This is why photography is so powerful for selling a brand.


Next let’s have a look at the H&M Spring Summer 2017 campaign images:

Hmmm, seem familiar?

The same floral clothes, the same warm tones and a carefree and lighthearted feeling. Does this mean that H&M copied Chloe? Most probably not. It wouldn’t make sense since H&M and Chloe have a very different target audience. Chloe is aiming to appeal to wealthy fashionable women and H&M appealing to teenagers without much budget.

The similarity in campaign-style could merely be that they are both longstanding brands that know what the season of Spring means to their customers.

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People buy fashion mostly on impulse in order to feel good about themselves, therefore it makes sense that the advertising for these brands also be about feeling positive with connotations of a carefree world.

Here are the shots for another very well known brand Gucci who’s launched a new perfume this season:

Notice how the first image featuring famous personalities including the actress Dakota Johnson doesn’t even feature the perfume bottle? These brands know that appealing to the customer’s fantasy is going to get further than plastering the product in their face.

It’s a bold move not to include the product a photo is supposed to be selling, but Gucci knows what it’s doing and has for a long time.

Another example comes from Jimmy Choo:

Jimmy Choo has done a much bolder job of showcasing the product the label sells: shoes and handbags. They’ve offset the blue against a yellow background making it stand out, used a famous personality actress Dakota Fanning and (what do you know) made use of dreamy, floral dress in a nature landscape.

The Takeaways

If you’re planning a Spring photoshoot, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Take your photoshoot inspiration from these massive labels and put your own brand’s twist on it. To nail a spring campaign photoshoot remember to incorporate:

  • A light and airy feeling
  • Warm tones in the photos using natural light or gels
  • Use those same warm tones in the retouching to give a magical vibe
  • Shoot in nature, wide open shots in a garden or field
  • Use bright floral colour where possible to make your items stand out

Use these recommendations in your creative brief and you’ll be tapping into the collective conscious of buyers all over the world who have been primed to react a certain way when presented with images like these from massive brands.

Remember, a Spring photoshoot is all about a fun, carefree feeling. Don’t use heavy or deep tones, black and white pictures or heavy editing. Keep it colorful and try to incorporate movement into the shots as much as possible for best results.

This is by no means all of the brands that use the above recommendations for their photoshoots, take a look at these brands who have also followed very similar patterns for the Spring / Summer campaign shoots in 2017.

Sonia Ben Ammar stars in Dolce & Gabbana Eyewear’s spring-summer 2017 campaign above.

Roberto Cavalli’s spring-summer 2017 campaign starring Stella Maxwell uses bright colors, movement and warm tones to capture that carefree feeling.

Lily Aldridge poses in florals for Salvatore Ferragamo’s spring 2017 campaign in a garden with flowers in the background, movement in her hand and hair

Below are two images from Zara’s 2017 spring-summer campaign:

As you can see Zara has featured florals against a nature theme, with bright and light colours very similar to their competitor H&M who we discussed earlier in the piece.

We’ll end with the image below also from Zara’s ss 2017 collection which is the epitome of the carefree feeling we are aiming for with spring photoshoots.

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