Because they are so pervasive in our technological landscape, social media platforms have completely transformed how businesses reach out to consumers and build their brands.

In fact, without a social presence, most new businesses would stand no chance of building a following of loyal consumers in today’s digital age.  However, with all the social media platforms to choose from, which one should businesses opt to use?  The answer is, quite simply, all of them.  Each social media platform has a unique way to reach its users and it is critical to understand how in order to succeed in social media marketing.



Facebook seemed to take the digital world by storm from the beginning of its inception.  Since its creation, Facebook has evolved and changed into a social media marketer’s dream tool.  The key to using Facebook to its upmost potential is to fill out a comprehensive profile so that it is more and more recognizable with each post you create.   From there, you must regularly post appealing content that captures your audience visually and with accompanying text.  It is very important to infuse your brand with every post to keep each post consistent.




Twitter is all about keeping the conversation going.  Rather than just splashing information on your followers’ feeds, on Twitter it is important to engage and respond.  If someone Tweets at your business, replying to that tweet is not just considered polite; it can really boost your visibility if your response gets re-Tweeted.  In fact, nearly half of your Tweets should be responses to people who Tweet at you.  To encourage this flow of interactions, Tweet out questions or contests to get the conversation started.



Instagram is all about the photos and the hashtags.  However, when you are representing a business on Instagram, it is essential to pick hashtags that are specific to your brand.  Use a hashtag to represent a photo contest or marketing campaign.  This will group your photos and the photos of anyone else who uses that same hashtag together.  Like Twitter, it is important on Instagram to engage.  Regularly check in on your brand’s hashtags and respond to people who have used them.  Another way to engage is to share your customers’ pictures.  This is a clever way to get them even more invested in your brand.




On YouTube, you have an amazing opportunity to really boost your brand recognition by engaging your viewers with clever, brand-specific videos.  What makes YouTube unique is that a lot of people who view YouTube videos usually do not start off on the YouTube site; they usually get there by typing into a search engine that produces results that may include YouTube videos.  This is why, when considering social media marketing on YouTube, it is essential to understand how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works.  Simply put, you must think of the words and phrases your potential consumers would type into a search engine and incorporate those exact words and phrases into your videos’ Channel Keywords. This will increase the chances of your videos popping up when people type those keywords.

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