Moving into the world of moving image for your business can be a daunting task. Regardless of whether it’s a thirty second Facebook promo or a more in depth explainer video, finding the right production agency to take the work on is an important decision to make. So what do you look for in a production agency to know you’re getting the best for your budget? Here are a few tips to get you on your way.

A good portfolio says a lot about a client. Sure, they’ve picked the best parts of their history to show to you but when you watch it, you want to be looking for the best bits. Think about the details within the work they’re showcasing, the vibe of the videos and the creativity behind it. If you feel that these all fit what you’re looking for then remember to ask for that when it comes to talking to them about working on your project. The more information you can give them about what you liked, the easier it will be for them!


When you’re looking through a portfolio then remember it’s not all about quantity. You don’t want to be counting out upcoming talent because their portfolio isn’t as extensive as some of the others you’ve seen. If their work is good on three projects out of three, this is a much better indicator than looking at a portfolio with 20 videos that are all average with a couple of good videos. And don’t forget, the portfolio is where a company will put the best of their work so head over to their social media sites to view their latest projects.


If you are looking through a portfolio that sounds amazing but looking through their recent projects doesn’t seem to match up then this could be because the staff have had a changeover. If this is the case then you’ll want to take this into consideration because there’s no point in signing up to a company if you won’t be happy with the outcome.


When you’re thinking about who to go for you’ll want to get quotes from numerous companies. You might find that the ones that you adore are out of your price range and so talking to more will make it easier to feel like you’ve chosen the right business. As well as this you’ll find that prices range wildly and sometimes it really isn’t worth the money they’re asking for. Talking to more vendors will give you a better indication of what the project should cost and you can more easily discount the outliers in both directions this way.


Finding a good production agency can seem daunting the first time you undertake the task but rest assured, you will find someone that suits your vibe and for the right amount of money. If you’re really strapped for cash then you could even talk to college students. This is an excellent way of saving money, helping a new talent and getting a really creative spin on the work you want. Shop around, be bold with your requests and you’ll come out on top.

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