Product photography is well known to have an impact on almost every metric that matters: engagement, customer trust, brand perception and most importantly, conversions.

Good photography – particularly a good product photographer, is the most essential element to the success of any online store, can we agree on that? But there’s a problem with the current process for hiring a product photographer:

It’s expensive and it takes a long time to find the right team for the job. Businesses often lean on friends of friends.

And there are no do-overs.

It’s high risk.

Fortunately, we’ve crafted a solution that’s easy to order and protected by a total satisfaction guarantee.

product photography
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Product Photography
Product Photos
Product Photographer

Product Photographer

Beautiful product photography satisfaction guaranteed, ordered with ease through our website and shot in our studio.

Our professional product photographer knows just how to show off the little details that make your product unique so your customers will notice.

Product photography is an incredibly important part of your website. Why? Because how your products look greatly influences the buying decision of your potential customers. Shot on a white backdrop, with minimal distractions, it’s a type of photography meant to show the product in as clear a light as possible without marketing or lifestyle built in.

Bookings From Anywhere

Our product photography can be ordered in seconds from anywhere in the world. We have regular international clients send samples to us in Melbourne, Australia.


All Included

Our photographs come fully retouched, perfectly lit with free re-dos if for any reason you’re unhappy with the photography.

Online Store Ready

Perfect for your online store no matter the platform, Amazon, Shopify, Big Cartel, WooCommerce and more. With perfect lighting, multiple angles and superb retouching.

Grow Your Business

customers say that images account for 70% of purchasing decision. Increase your conversions by increasing photo quality

Quick Turnaround

Get your products live quicker. No more waiting on various members of a team. You can trust in our process. Photos to you in 10 business days or less.


Our photographers are accountable to a team, meaning no running away with ideas that aren’t relevant.

Benefits of Our Product Photography


  • Convert more of your online store visitors
  • Boost customer trust
  • Maximize engagement
  • Make a lasting positive impression
  • Increase your brand power
  • Retouching included
  • Professionally trained
  • Versatile, flexible shooting style
product photography

If the photography is high quality, well lit and aligned with the brand image customers feel reassured enough to trust your brand. After all, a high quality image means high quality product.

In the past I bet you’ve…


  • Launched with OK photos that didn’t make a ripple
  • Spent far too much time organizing and coordinating
  • Had big ideas for your shoot but the images came out mediocre
  • Put a lot of work into getting traffic to your store but still aren’t getting the sales you expected

Running a successful marketing campaign can be hard but it’s even harder when you have the wrong photos.

What are the wrong photos?

  • Poorly lit
  • Inconsistent
  • Too small
  • Low resolution
  • Improper tones
  • Off white balance
  • Un-retouched
Product Photography
Look Book
Product Photographer
Product Photos

Glow With Pride

Glow with pride when you have stunning photos representing your brand, helping you connect with you audience like never before. Fostering trust, connection and further engagement as you create life long brand ambassadors of your customers.

It Makes Business Sense

An efficient way to get high quality images that serve as real assets to your business. If you’re paying for advertising, invest in photos that will convert more, improve click through, reinstate your marketing message and remain etched into the customers mind.

High quality photos can allow you to beat out your competition in branding and customer experience therefore increasing your conversion rates. This means more business for you, so you can continue to grow your business and provide for your loved ones.

These images are essential to going above your competition, engaging your viewers and getting potential customers to envision owning your product.


  • Images can be delivered as JPEG, PNG, TIFF or Raw
  • You can choose to have the images delivered in a square, horizontal or vertical format
  • Photos can be sized for high-resolution or light web sized to make your website run faster
  • We can shoot small items less than 50cm x 50cm on this package. Large items or full body photographs that require a model can be requested through our form


If you’re not sure whether your product is a good fit for this kind of photography, just ask. You can email us at

Who Are We?

We have over five years experience organizing and creative directing photo shoots as a team with hundreds of photo shoots under out belts.

  • Owned an operated in Australia with no overseas outsourcing
  • Dedicated to customer service
  • Expert photography by professionally qualified and accredited product photographer
  • Our team is made up of the best of the creative pool that is Melbourne, Arts Capital of Australia

At Lafrankie Agency we don’t cut corners. We deliver high quality expert photography with high end gear and full, premium retouching. We work hard, putting in hours of preparation to get you the best photos possible.

product photography
product satisfaction badge

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our satisfaction guarantee takes all the risk out of hiring a product photographer.

If you aren’t happy with the photos we’ll re-shoot or else you’ll receive a full refund!


How It Works

We make it easy, so you have one less thing to co-ordinate. 

1. After you book, you’ll receive an email with instructions on where to send your products

2. You send your products to an address provided and once we receive them we will have photos to you within 14 days to proof

3. We then retouch, color correct and crop the images, this can take between 1-7 days depending on our workload (if you have a deadline we can usually meet it, just let us know right away)

4. When you’re happy with the photos, you can download them and start uploading to your store or website. We then send your samples back to you.

Are you ready to get started?
If you don’t want to, that’s fine. Keep on keeping on with your store getting ordinary results or start optimizing your photos for better results.
If you are, book now to take advantage of our limited time discount and satisfaction guarantee.
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