Social media comfort zones have sky rocketed within the past ten years and more so within the past five. Many businesses are utilizing Pinterest for social media marketing in an effort to capture a certain niche sub group population.

Small and large businesses are on Pinterest. Even Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon.

What is it again?

Pinterest works with businesses and individuals to upload pictures and videos which will then be called “Pinned”.

These videos and or pictures can demonstrate how products work, what products are and product functionality.

The concept of Pin-Boards and linking people online around the world has become the norm and social phenomenon.

Platform and Insight Marketing

Many businesses use the Pinterest platform as their direct marketing choice.

What is really the catch would be their User-Generated Pinboards.

This allows other users to comment and upload their pictures in response to the businesses or other individuals. This tactic is a means to involve the customer and leverage their own engaging testimonials too.

The Pinboard strategy can be used with businesses selling paintings, candles, cat litter, pool toys, tech gadgets and more. The large array can be endless!

Pinterest is used as a tool by businesses in an effort to understand customer needs. A customer who for example used a business’s product can then upload nine pictures all at once, of which showing the product being used successfully.

This collection of pictures from the customer in response to the business is user friendly and appealing to the eyes. It is a collage of art/visual media that is fun and interactive. This type of engagement will ensure reoccurring customers.


International giant adidas uses Pinterest marketing to interact with it’s 50,000 followers with boards dedicated to different shoe lines they sell

Lifestyle Marketing

Pinterest is a huge advocate of show casing a person or businesses lifestyle choice or brand.

What better way to advertise that by interactive pictures and videos?

Using a Pinboard to show case the personality and brand of a business could be the breaking point of a successful business or not. The business can express volunteer work, activities, outings, products, service, culture and more. Having a collage that is unique can be thought of as special and “out of the box” experience.


Who’s On Pinterest?

Some large and small financial institutions such as Wells Fargo are utilizing Pinterest these days.

Even as early as 2014 Pinterest has been used by big box banks as a part of their marketing strategy. This improvement campaign is calculated enough to capture the opinions of the audience.

Banks such as Wells, have utilized Pinterest to reach out to their current customers and future ones; to gain or generate tips, opinions, quality assurance, business awareness, compliance, customer service, etc.

This engaging option inspires the population with imagery to join in and participate in writing reviews, uploading their own videos/pictures and more!

What currently is becoming an internet sensation is the food and grocery store industry joining in on Pinterest with lovely food pictures, recipes and cooking videos!

Hints & Tips

Getting started can take a while, so follow these Pinterest marketing hints and tips to get set up with your Pinterest strategy asap.

1. Be Consistent

Pin every day at the start. Then when you have a good amount of content built up on your profile you can drop back to pinning once a week and eventually just a couple of times a month.

2. Post High-Quality Pictures

What you post on any social media platform reflects on your company so make sure the pins are up to standard.

3. Keep It Relevant

You won’t be doing yourself any favors by posting about topics that have nothing to do with your business. Keep it in the industry thematically to make sure you’re attracting the right type of followers who could potentially turn into customers.

4. Engage

If you want people to re-pin your posts, make sure you’re re-pinning their posts. Give a little, get a lot.

Final Tip

Finally, there is one more hint that can benefit your business.

If you’ve got lots of rich photo content on your website, make sure you install an add-on that allows users to pin you content to Pinterest. These are available as WordPress plug-ins or with Sumo as a paid option. Fill in the descriptions so that when someone pins your content, they take your website link with them!

Double win.


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