You’re part of a great team, and you want to excel. Your success can propel your brand forward and yourself to higher positions. If there’s one element you should concentrate on its photography. It’s an easy win because so few people think of it as an important element to business success.

This is fine for start-ups or a brand that doesn’t rely heavily on B2C sales but if you’re wanting to take your marketing to the next level to distinguish yourself as a major brand, photography is the place to focus and here’s why… You would never show your customers a sub-par product so why do you let the brand itself be misrepresented through a lack of focused, customized visuals. Yet so many brands are posting images on social media stolen from competitors that only half-fit their brand.


1) Subliminal Messaging

When you meet someone you make up your mind about them in under 30 seconds. The same is true of businesses.

Most people form opinions based off factors and they’re not even aware they’re doing it.

The colours on a website, how easy it is to use, the logo all send messages to your potential customer but none more than the photographs you display. This positions you as high end or low end, for women or men or both. How much your pricing will be, and how successful your business is… all subconsciously and in under the seconds it takes for your website to load. This is why stakes are so high. Fortunately it’s easy to retake control of what your customers see, think and feel when they first ‘meet’ your business.

How to do so is to make sure your images are saying what you want them to, by aigning them with your brand and audience. Custom photos taken for your business are going to blow away the value from any kind of stock photo.



 2) Increased Emotional Connection

When you follow a business on social media you are looking to engage with them. This is not accomplished by posting picture after picture of products with a hard sell caption.

As part of your social media strategy you hopefully have a variety of content to post that’s entertaining, on topic and relevant. When people see your images among pictures of their friends and family they develop an emotional connection to your business.

The idea then is to have images that seem natural to the environment of social media. Images of people, or even familiar brand colours increase customer loyalty and buying habits. Emotional buying is important for every business, pictures of people just like your audience using your product will help make connections that others don’t.



 3) Perception of Success

Although we may not like it, if somebody seems successful we are automatically more draw to them. Same as business. A business that invests in its products and good photography shows that it has money to spend, that it believes in the value of its product and has confidence in it. This is priceless trust to transfer to your viewers.




To wow your team and boss, deliver exceptional business value that will stand the test of time and produce both long term and short term increase in leads and conversions focus on photography.

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