How to Optimize Your Images for SEO

Optimizing images for SEO is much more simple than it sounds. When it comes to SEO it’s less about massive action and more a multitude of small tasks that build on each other.



Images are no different, with a little bit of consistent dedication you can have your images ranking in Google search results and bringing you new customers every day.



To make sure your images are working for you and bringing in traffic follow the steps below.


1. Fill in your alt tags 


Alt tags are used to tell search engines what images are since they can’t actually ‘see’ the pictures. They also have a purpose for being read out loud to blind persons. You can use the alt tag to let search engines know what kind of picture you’ve posted. Do this by adding the ‘alt’ tag in html or simply editing a photo in the media library for WordPress users. Make your alt tag descriptive of the image and as specific as possible. Go for keywords if they seem natural there but don’t force it. Computer learning is getting increasingly intelligent and you won’t be able to fool them for long.



2. Strategise


Take some time to do deep thinking and make sure the keywords you’ve chosen to attempt ranking for are reflected in the page title and URL. Use these keywords to figure out more opportunities to support your keywords.



3. Rename your photo files


Renaming your photo files and re uploading them to your site is something that can be a little time consuming but is worth it because this makes a big difference to SEO.



4. Compress your photo files


Compress your pictures to speed up loading time of your web pages and save space. Slow loading time negatively affects SEO so it’s important to keep those file sizes to a level your hosting can handle.



5. Use captions


Whenever possible use captions with your photos when you can, this helps the audience see the relevance between written content and the images as well as giving another opportunity for search engines to understand the images you’ve posted.

6. Take advantage of your platform


If your website is built with WordPress you can fill in even more details in the media library by clicking on the image and filling out additional fields. There are also lots of plugins you can get to help you with SEO on WordPress such as Yoast which will compress your photos for you like in step 4.



7. Tags 


While tags are no longer what they once were to SEO they are still a tried and tested method of reinforcing your intentions to the search engines of what it is you have displayed.



8. Referral


If you’re posting your images on social media as part of your SEO strategy, make sure you’re linking back to your website for good SEO. This works particularly well for Tumblr and other social media that maintain ‘follow’ links which are also good for backlink building which is another important element of SEO.



9. Distribution 


Ensure you take some time out to post your images across different platforms so you can reach more people. If you’ve invested in good photos it’s time to make sure as many people as possible get to see them.



I hope these tips have been helpful and you are now well on your way to having an optimized site with the images pulling their weight to do their part.



The tips above can be executed across any style of photos without changing the steps. These tips will help you get the most out of your images for years to come.



The great thing is that once it’s done your website images remain optimised and and will deliver you additional traffic for the long run.



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