melbourne-photographer-cameraYou might think that looking for a Melbourne photographer is no different than anywhere else but there are few places more special than Melbourne, and somewhere this incredible deserves the extra care and dedication of a true professional.

Photographers in Melbourne come in all shapes and sizes.

From weddings and parties to nature and landscapes, a great photographer is able to make the most of what surrounds them and bring the subject to life. So here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for a top Melbourne photographer. 

The reason Melbourne is such a great place to have photos done is that it offers so many different sides to the city. Whether you’re into urban, country or a delicate mix of the two, Melbourne has it all to offer and when you’re looking into a photographer, you need to decide what side of Melbourne you want to see within this. Some photographers love the urban grime look and the contrast this makes to a beautiful experience such as a wedding whereas others love the more classic style of natural photography.

No matter what kind of photos you’re looking for, Melbourne has plenty to offer but you need to be clear on the image before you go into asking questions.

As with a photographer anywhere the usual questions still apply. Cost, time, experience – they’re all things that make a massive difference to whether you want to hire someone or not.

What you want to do with a Melbourne photographer is make sure that they know how the city works, too. The light in Melbourne is bright and clear and photographers are lucky to use such stunning natural surroundings. You need to make sure that you ask questions about this beforehand as it will help to gauge just how much they know the area.

Now one thing you can rely on Melbourne for is good weather and stunning sunsets and when you’re thinking about wedding photography in particular, this time of day makes a massive difference to how the pictures come out.

melbourne photographer

For this reason you’ll want to make sure you know exactly how long you can expect the photographer to stay with you on your big day. If you’re going to be paying way beyond your budget just for them to stay later then this is something you’ll want to know way in advance.

Finding the right photographer for any occasion is a difficult task but when it comes to those big events in life you want to make sure you’ve found the best of the best.

Shop around, ask lots of questions and at the end of the day go with what feels right to you. Set a budget and stick to it and find whoever best fits you within this. In Melbourne you have everything going for you so that’s one less thing to worry about.


Hiring a Melbourne Photographer: The Checklist

If you’re looking to hire a Melbourne photographer, look for the following things to make sure you get the right fit for your company.


1. Experience

Since with photographers a tertiary qualification isn’t the best indication of how likely a photographer is to get the photos you need although it does help.

Look for both a formal qualification as well as experience on the job. All our photographers have a Bachelor of Photography as well as at least 8 years working in fashion photography on set.

2. Their Style

You want to make sure that the photographer you want to use is able to communicate through images the message of your brand. For this reason you want to check out their previous work and make sure that their style is consistent with your business.

Ask yourself if you see the elements of professionalism in their photos that you’d like to reflect your brand.

3. Technical Skills

While it’s hard for a person who doesn’t do this all the time to spot the technique of photographers in their photographs, it’s something your customers will notice in a subliminal way. We evaluate photos all day long and can discover the lighting in that particular set up that a photographer used.

When looking to hire a Melbourne photographer look for sharp photos that have an emphasis on quality light in the image. If the photographer isn’t solid in their technical and lighting skills, the photos they display could be lighting flukes and would be unable to repeat the results. This is usually the case with amateurs or low-charging professionals.

While you can produce good (or even great) photos by happy accident, it is a risk to the business to hire someone who can’t replicate the same lighting on cue as you could spend all your budget and not get the photos you need.

4. Endorsements

If the photographer isn’t a member of any formal organizations or institutes it doesn’t mean they are a bad photographer. However with the thousands of photographers out there, especially in Melbourne (which has the highest photographer ratio per person in the country) we recommend looking for signs of established and trusted organizations who can vouch for the photographers professionalism.

Testimonials can also work to this effect, but make sure that they are from a previous client not just from a person who knows them or friend of theirs if you really value your marketing dollars.

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