With certain social media sites such as Facebook declining in popularity and functionality, many businesses are turning to Instagram for marketing strategies. The engagement with Instagram is overwhelming, for their users since 2012 have exploded to now 300 million active users!

Businesses who choose to use Instagram for marketing strategies use the hashtag in an effort to reach prospects. This will allow that business to not only categorize their photos and videos but also grab their audiences. This is but one of the marketing approaches that Instagram offers.

Don’t Forget the Influencers

Digital promotion can increase a business positive cash flow up to 200 percent! An example of this would be such as Nike in 2013. One of their new breathe easy high running performance shoes made 90 thousand in sales. However, after hiring on a new sports and fitness model the brand sales revenue totaled out at 5 million!

Having all these followers and word of mouth through Instagram is just what a visual branding business needs for increased sales production. What helped the Nike approached in 2013 was all of the new contacts the fitness model brought with her. She simply had a plethora of followers previously, and uploading that to the Nike account increased visual word of mouth.

All her contacts “liked’ and followed her new Nike campaign which encouraged sale production to the max!

Get Mobile

With the convenience of Instagram, anyone on the go, with a smart phone, can plug into this visual and virtual world. If that isn’t easy enough, uploading pictures and videos to an Instagram account is a breeze.

Having a user friendly stage can make or break an app such as this one. Many consumers now more than ever are on the go and are extremely busy. Having an app that takes too long and is complicated draws the charm and efficiency out of any virtual/visual photo/video social media platform.  

Showcasing ones culture, products and services express emotion and art from person to person. Vibrant eye- catching visuals is the heart of any marketing approach.

Key Performance

Depending on the industry and niche, a business’s key performance indicators will target several objectives. Some objectives or areas of focus would be: Increased brand attentiveness, demonstration of company culture and art, showcasing employees and team members, products and product functionality, what’s new with the company and more!

Having a business understand all this will greatly encourage them to achieve the type of theme to use on the Instagram settings profile set up section.

The Instagram analytics tool is easy to use and will guide a business towards success. A business can brighten any picture, create a collage, and add numerous videos that can be edited, small captioning and more. With these various options no wonder Instagram is the new age for excellent marketing for any business’s needs.

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