How to get the most out of your content marketing shoot in 7 easy steps


So you’ve seen the light and decided you need to invest in better quality images for your business. You also want to make sure you’re getting value for money and are maximising on your investment. That’s why we’ve put together the following 7 steps which you can follow to make sure your content shoot is everything your business needs it to be.

1. Planning


Plan your content well in advance, match up articles that will be published with image ideas so we can shoot them for you to be relevant. Have your copy ready and know what kind of images you need to combine with your sales messages and call to actions.

2. Clarify


Clairifying your message is so important for a content shoot. Decide on a marketing message for this campaign, do you want to push your ethically friendly side, show off your local team, summer favourites. Create a Tagline and let us know on the booking form.

3. Pick a format early on


Identify which of your social media accounts brings the most traffic, revenue or has your most potential buyers on it. This will help to know what formats to prioritise. For example horizontal images look better on Facebook and Instagram was designed with square images in mind.

4. Plan for the best


Think of a backup brief. What’s your dream list of shots? If all goes smoothly and we have time our team will squeeze in extra shots for you.

5. Don’t miss out on extras


Know which extras you’re after. Video content is much cheaper for you if you do it at the time of the shoot. Similarly if you want behind the scenes photos it needs to be made clear before the shoot.

6. Choose your colours


Specify a colour theme so we can build it into the images. The colour of backdrops, props etc.

7. Communicate


Lastly if you have any concerns in the lead up to the shoot let us know as soon as possible so we can prevent issues and manage time for the best outcome.


I hope you’ve found this checklist helpful.

Remember, if you follow these steps your content shoot will reflect a much more thought out and cohesive concept which will be  presented to your customers.


The quality of the shoot is affected by your ability to plan well and can directly contribute to the effectiveness and sharing of your content.


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