Incredible Flat Lays

This is our flatlay

Usually $999, we do your first flat lay photoshoot for $399 and then $999 per month from then on.

Flat Lays — $399

We’ll tell you where to send the products, we take the photos and send them back to you.


No risk. No obligation. Money back guarantee.


  • 4 different set ups resulting in 4-6 photos of your very own products
  • Choice of background colours, styles and themes
  • Retouching, correcting and enhancing

Best suited for small products: make up, jewelry, stationary, beauty products, accessories, candles and small homewares.


“I’m so glad I purchased these photos, it seemed like a lot of money at the time but I took the plunge and have been so proud of my site ever since putting them up. It feels good to know my customers are seeing the best.”

— Ying. A

Questions? View our FAQ or contact us at or 1300 000.

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