Product photography is a growing area of the photography business as the demand for high quality images grows ever stronger. Having good quality images are a great way to showcase your goods and will make a massive difference to the number of views you’re converting into sales.

Having said that, product photography looks simple but is difficult to pick up so doing your own photographs is a difficult task to undertake. To help you on your way we’ve compiled a short list of helpful tips that will make it a little easier.

You’ll need to make sure you have a tripod. A tripod will make sure that your pictures are stable, unblurred and always from the perfect place. Your pictures will come out straight and perfectly aligned and it also makes it a little easier for you to stay out of the light. The worst thing for photography is bad lighting and so if you get yourself a tripod and a simple remote, you’ll be able to take perfect pictures every time.

As has already been mentioned, lighting is absolutely key, especially when you’re hoping to get great shots using low aperture (as you will with product photography). A nice white background will ensure you product leaps out from the page and also makes the entire photograph much lighter.

Using white in the area surrounding where you’re going to be taking pictures will also increase how light the entire picture looks and this will improve the overall quality of the images.

Of course, taking photographs is only half of the finished picture and spending time editing your photos at the end will correct anything you wish you could have changed. If there’s a shadow you’d like to remove or if you just want to improve the saturation of the images, you can do all of this in post production very easily.

Good quality equipment will always make improvements to the quality of the finished product but it isn’t just about the money you spend. Time will always be your friend in a project like this and the more you put into it, there better you’ll be able to understand your craft. Simply spending more time messing around with different settings available to you means you’ll have a wider variety of images to mess around with at the other end. This might sound like a waste of time but when it comes to doing more product photography you will already have a good idea of how the camera works.

As with other forms of photography, product photography is largely about trying and testing different things to see what best suits you. The higher quality your images the more likely you are to make a sale and the better the overall image of your company comes out. Product photography doesn’t need to be flashy or expensive in order for it to be effective so give it a go and see what kind of a difference it makes to your company.

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