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Content marketing with images is usually about a mix of flat lays, social shots and product photos. You combine these images to form your brand which is then put out in the world to communicate with your audience and remind them that you exist and to buy.
Content marketing is about gaining reach through entertaining people. Our clients can get editorial story shoots to submit to magazines for more exposure, or to go viral on the net. Our content can also be used in online advertising campaigns. Get clever and start content marketing today.

Stunning photos for content

Grab attention with your own content creation shoot to sell your products to your customers where they hang out

We ship anywhere

Our shoots take place in Melbourne but digital photos can be sent anywhere in the world in under a few minutes

Earn your money back

Our images help you convert more paying customers. Meaning the investment you make in your business can double

At least 50 amazing post-worthy photos

You can post anywhere. Your website, ads or social media to drive sales.

Our content photo shoots can include any mix of:



Lookbook and product shots to populate your online store



Close up photos of your garment details and accessories



Enlist help to make your photos reach further



High res banner images and website content


Flat lays

Our content creation photo shoots give you the option to have your products photographed in the wildly popular flat lay format in which a group of related products are featured together.

This shows off your products, accessories, helps you up sell and is a great demonstration of lifestyle and branding surrounding your product.

Just request flatlays on the booking form when you book a shoot with us and we’ll make sure your products come to life.

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