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Campaign Photoshoot

A campaign is the most traditional form of advertising photography. It’s what most people think of when referring to a marketing campaign. Usually shot every season in the fashion industry, or else twice a year, the campaign showcases the hero shots of the brand and positions the marketing message for promotion.

Campaign photos are a business’s best tool to help their customers imagine themselves using the product for sale. Statistics show that once a potential customer has imagined themselves using a product, it increases ownership and the likelihood of them converting. 

Campaigns do a great jobs of setting the tone and professionalism of a brand,
they ideally communicate directly to their target audience
the ideal state which they want to be in.

Campaign Photography

Campaign photography is the world’s first impression of your brand. Great brands understand how to align their public image with their company mission statement and ethos.

When creating campaign imagery you want to take into account:

  • Mood
  • Theme
  • Season

When you get this right, you can influence how customers perceive your brand and product. One trick of luxury brands to make themselves appear exclusive and high quality with campaign imagery and therefore justify a higher price point.


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