advertising photographyThere is no debating that the use of advertising photography as well as videos can greatly enhance any online campaign.

Many social media platforms utilize photography as a way to visually attract viewers to keep them using their platform.

If you are advertising a specific product or service, you can take advantage of this format by posting eye-catching photos or videos that will build your brand exposure and increase business.

Here are our top tips to successfully advertising using photography online.

1. Grab Attention

Unlike words and written content, pictures and videos are visual media that have the power to elicit immediate reactions from viewers.

Viewers do not have to sit and read through text and think about what they have read; they have an instant, natural response to it. Which can be very powerful as scientific studies show that readers are more likely to remember something that makes them feel strongly a certain way.

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2. Spreading the Message

Once social media platforms went from being text-based to being photography-based, the opportunities to use pictures and videos in advertising became incredibly pervasive.

Not only did the support for advertising photography become commonplace, but also people were given the opportunity to share and repost the things they like.

This created a momentum that could make things literal overnight sensations.

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3. Be Memorable with Your Advertising Photography

Being such an amazingly powerful tool, advertising photography can enhance and enforce your brand in countless ways.

Having a common theme or character within your advertisements can tie them together and really help your brand stay within the minds of potential consumers.

Really drive it home and infuse music, a jingle, or theme song to make every element in your ad work together to be as impactful as possible. Get even more brand-specific and include a small logo for your company in the corner of every photo or video you share.

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4. Be Subliminal

It sounds very cliché, but it is true! First impressions are critical to attracting new consumers. Would you rather have the first point-of- contact you have with potential customers be black text on a white screen or exciting and colorful imagery?

Consumers are far more likely to stop and consider an advertisement if it has visual elements as opposed to just plain text.

A vibrant, eye-catching photo or captivating video has the ability to stop people in their tracks and get them drawn in. Once you have their attention it is so much easier to keep it and get them emotionally invested in your brand.

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5. Ensure Repeat Customers by Making Connections

Advertising photography has the unique ability to immediately get an emotional response from consumers.

People who have a positive emotional response to something are much more likely to pursue it and even share it with others. Just think about the last time you saw a funny picture or video that made you feel strongly.

I am willing to bet that you felt compelled to share that picture or video with your friends and family.

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