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​We are a marketing agency specialising in providing supplementary photo content for popular fashion brands. Our images can fill your business’s website and social feeds with high-quality, on brand, custom content which shows your product in the best light and drives sales.

Lafrankie & Co. is a multidisciplinary agency that serves businesses by extending their reach. We provide creative services, marketing materials as well as consulting and technical solutions.

Lafrankie & Co. boasts a board of talent which consists of a wide range of creative professionals who are available to work for your business. The company is based out of a vibrant creative h​ub in Melbourne, Australia.

Marketing, Business & Creative Experience

Our founder and Creative Director has over ten years in business experience, a degree in Business Marketing and Graduate Certificate in Communications as well as tertiary trained in Web Development, she holds all the skills you’d need for a marketing project. She works in close conjunction with the top photographers in Melbourne and a team of graphics experts to design amazing solutions that get attention from your customers.

And that’s just our leader.

Our team boasts a combined 30 years experience in the industry and talents across a wide range of creative disciplines.

See what our team get up to

Our approach is to work closely with you on your strategies and messages as opposed to handling all the marketing ourselves. This keeps your costs down, our customers happy and gives us plenty of time to do what we do best – provide excellent visual content

Digital Marketing in 2017

​As a group of content creators organized into a creative marketing agency, we provide solutions for marketing teams and business owners who need exemplary content to assist them in their marketing campaigns. We offer effortless outsourcing of photo materials to either replace or supplement in-house photo shoots to double marketing materials and therefore impressions and engagement.

In digital marketing, content is king so you need excellent content for your online campaigns to achieve their potential reach. There are a number of excellent written content agencies but what is often overlooked is the imagery that goes with this content which is crucial to the success of the content and is the first thing that draws readers in.

Consistency is the foundation of good content and thus you need a lot of content to have regular excellent content to display in a reactive environment to your potential customers. This is why many photos from one shoot with the same photographer and team can create brand consistency across platforms and various social media and is critical to the success of an online presence.

Why Lafrankie & Co.?

We believe in organic, ethical marketing.

What’s good for the customer is good for business.

That’s why we commit to high quality, creative, enticing photos that are a pleasure to look at.

Commitment to Quality

Our images don’t look like spam, they are engageing and have positive effects on your business branding. So you can post as much as you want to reach your audience knowing that you’ve got a quality post that your potential customers are going to love.

Packed with Value

  • Cross platform branding that reinforces a consistent message
  • Positive associations created with your brand
  • Improved brand positioning and recall
  • A library of content which allows you to be responsive to events

In Depth

We don’t take generic photos of fake looking people showcasing product, we go in depth to explore the advantages of each product and bring it into it’s best light. Our photos will sell your products for you.

A Point of Difference

The way to stand out from the noise isn’t to add more noise – it’s to show compelling, emotional content on a consistent basis. Our objective is to provide you with the images you need to drive interested buyers to your new products.


Great for Both Sides

We provide marketers with the materials they need to run effective digital marketing campaigns and we provide comsumers with a good experience whenever and wherever they come into contact with your business.

What We’re Good At

​We’re a talented bunch. We can provide exemplary service for our existing clients in the following areas…

  • Custom photo content shot for brand image
  • Fashion campaign images
  • Business visibility media
  • eCommence & lookbooks
  • Video for content marketing
  • Graphic manipulation and design additions to photos
  • Website design and development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web analytics tracking
  • Data analysis and conversion tracking
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing templates
  • Business strategy consulting
  • Content article writing (for fashion industry only)
  • Professional image retouching

Our services make us a marketing agency cross digital agency meets content agency and social media agency. Basically we’re an agency.

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