We produce custom photo content for excellent brands.


Our creative team specialises in photo content to help your business spread across the web. We also offer copywriting and video production. Everything you want in a production agency.

Content Packages


Website design, SEO, A/B testing, conversion optimising… our digital team helps you create the perfect website.

Website Design





We manage your campaigns, shoot the pictures, write the headline and track all the data for you. We effectively manage ads in Adwords Display, Facebook, Twitter or Google Search.


Campaign Management

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

About Us…

We are a production agency based in Melbourne providing services to large and small companies all along the east coast of Australia. Our service cities include Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Since our inception in 2009 Lafrankie Agency has kept close to our vision of providing empowering marketing to Australia’s largest companies. We believe in getting the creative right from the start so that paid campaigns get more organic reach and impressions leave a lingering message.

Our philosophy is to create images that communicate the core message of our clients to their audience in ways in which reveal the benefits of a product naturally to the viewer in a way that enhances their time spent on the internet.

Digital Marketing: Social Media, Content & Strategy

There's a digital marketing revolution sweeping through the world of business which many companies have touched on but most aren't yet understanding well enough to benefit. Digital marketing. The impact on ROI and significant decrease in sales related activities makes...
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Getting the Most Out of Your Content Marketing Shoot in 7 Easy Steps

How to get the most out of your content marketing shoot in 7 easy steps   So you've seen the light and decided you need to invest in better quality images for your business. You also want to make sure you're getting value for money and are maximising on your...
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How to Optimize Your Images for SEO

How to Optimize Your Images for SEO Optimizing images for SEO is much more simple than it sounds. When it comes to SEO it's less about massive action and more a multitude of small tasks that build on each other.     Images are no different, with a little bit...
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