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Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media has it’s advantages – it’s free, subtle and persuasive.

To market effectively on social media you need to follow one simple rule. Content is king. Social media marketing is a great way to get your brand name out there in the world. You can find customers where they already are spending time online.

Whether you want to do paid social media marketing or organic social media marketing, you need to have great content facilitated by a great team.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the method by which companies follow a set strategy to prepare for, plan and execute marketing activities on social media. This method of marketing is used to attract potential customers to take a specific action, often to visit the company’s website or buy a product.

Most marketing professionals already have a broad understanding of social media marketing. If not, check out our article on social media marketing. You’ll be pleased to know that social media marketing converts buyers by 60% more than any other marketing.

Social media marketing can take place on a huge number of websites but the main ones are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest

Which social media platform you should advertise on will depend largely on your marketing goals and where most of your primary audience is, let’s run through the most popular networks.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is arguably the largest social media in the world with 2.07 billion users and 1.5 billion daily activity. While a photo is not required for a Facebook post, they have published that having a picture with a post increases engagement by 75%.

Organic is dead, which means you have to pay for your post to be seen on Facebook. Read our article for more information.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a platform that allows users to post images to their followers with a caption. An image is required for every post. Here are some of the images we’ve provided for our clients to create consistency in their feeds.

Instagram Gallery

Here’s how some of the biggest and best brands use our images to keep their customers updated and engaged.

Our photos feed in seamlessly to existing content to remind otherwise passive users of the products associated with their positive lifestyle images.

Instagram for Business

Use our photos to take advantage of Instagram’s organic impressions. Fill your funnel with new leads, or sell more product direct to customers and grow. For more info, see our content images page.

Twitter Advertising

 This is a new area, use Twitter cards and mentions as well as ads to get exposure.

Pinterest Advertising pinterest-business

We have a great article on our blog for Pinterest marketing.

Tumblr Advertising

If you’re a fashion brand, or trend driven company Tumblr is the perfect audience for you. Be careful about how you market on Tumblr, the users hate a hard sell and much more success is achieved through subtle sales and influencing accounts than straight ads. Pictures are the most reblogged…

The Common Thread: Images

So what’s the one thing you need for all of these social media platforms? Images. We believe images are the life of the strategy and represent the brand online. Images are what grab the user when scrolling through hundreds of posts every single day. It’s what makes them stop and it’s what makes them click. Often companies settle for cheap or free images without thinking about how it might impact the effectiveness of their strategy.
Headlines and copy are very important but teamed with an image they are much more likely to convert.
We offer a few options for brands looking to advertise on social media. We have our campaign shoots for a traditional approach, business branding packages for service oriented businesses and our content package for those who are seasoned social media marketers.
Try our social media photoshoots to take full advantage of your platforms.

The 6 things you’ll need for social media marketing

  1. A strategy
  2. A planning and preparation phase
  3. A content calendar relating to relevant holidays or events
  4. Marketing collateral like images, logos and headlines
  5. Captions to go with the images
  6. A call to action

How to succeed with social media marketing

  • Be natural, users are online to have fun and discover things they are already interested in. If you get your targeting right you can find genuine passionate customers.
  • Be consistent. Users will forget about you in the mass of media they consume if you’re not regularly appearing on their feeds with something that is consistent with your brand and image.
  •  Be worthwhile. Would you share your post with your family and friends? If not, it’s time to take another approach. Great content is what wins the game in the long run for social media marketing.
  • Content is king. Consistency is queen.


 Social media marketing success boils down to two things:

  • Production
  • PPC Advertising

Great production will help you gain organic reach, engage your existing audience and it’s the kind of content that goes viral. PPC which is essential on most of the major social media networks to get impressions on your content. A good social media strategy needs both good production and advertising spend to be highly effective. How much to invest into each depends entirely on your business goals. If you’re trying to attract new leads, heavy PPC investment is a good option.

If your strategy is to deepen relationships with existing customers and guide them toward purchasing then investing in production and using your owned media is more effective. Any good social media strategy will fluctuate with it’s mixture of the two.

If you need advice, we can help you work out which method will be most effective for your business. We offer production for images and video content as well as PPC campaign management, stand alone image packages for picture based platforms and full social media management cross platform services.

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