on location

Our Team

Meet the folks that make your photos come alive.

Our crew work on location everyday doing what they love to bring you photos that resonate with viewers.


Full team includes:

✔ Photographer

✔ Make up artist

✔ Stylist

✔ Hair stylist

✔ Studio hire

✔ Model*

✔ Assistants

✔ Gear

✔ Retouching

Jess Lafrankie

Head Photographer

Farnoosh Zehtab

Head Make Up Artist

Nick Arnold

Lighting Producer

Amy Kenny

Lead Hair Stylist

Greg Taylor

Studio Co-ordinator

On Set with Lafrankie Agency

Below are some behind the scenes images from our shoots.

A typical shoot day call time is 8am and photoshoots can run as long as 10-12 hours.

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