What Is a Lookbook?

Usually used to show off a collection and form a catalog of products for customers to look through. Some fashion brands showcase their lookbook on their website and also post the pictures individually to social media.


Lookbooks can be simple and minimal, or creative with lots of props. The lookbook is usually consistent with a particular brand image and can show off clothes to their greatest appearance.


Lookbook Photography

The key to good lookbook photography is simplicity, styling and brand alignment. We make sure all of our lookbook images match up to the expectations of the brands they represent by carefully designing a shoot that matches our brief.

Lookbooks are great to show some context for your brand images, they add more dimension than simple product photos but don’t have the full cost of a campaign shoot. Fashion lookbooks help sell clothes and lookbook photography is the corner of a great lookbook. See more of our pictures in the gallery.

See the Full Lookbook…

The below shoot was shot in a typical day shoot by Lafrankie Agency for VOW Studios.

Why Get a Lookbook?

Lookbook fashion photography is one of the key shoots in a brands image. Lafrankie Agency shoots every lookbook with 100% effort, artistic styling and professional team.

Every lookbook is different and we customize the look and feel specific to your brand.

Our photographers have extensive experience working with different commercial lighting set ups and have worked on hundreds of studio sets.

The choice of your lookbook photography sets the tone of what your customers will think of your brand.

High quality photography shows off clothing details which helps customers make better decisions and have a clearer image of your products.

This builds trust, one of the hardest and most important things for any store, but especially for online stores to earn.

Our stylists can style the shoot for maximum visual impact and we always work with highly reputable models.

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