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Flatlays are product photos taken typically from above that help position a brand in the mind of it’s customer. Popular on social media and business blogs, the flatlay is great at showcasing a physical product as well as cross-selling other products. For example many fashion brands use flatlays to show a potential outfit a buyer could wear or buy.


Fashion flatlays show off clothes, outfits and lifestyles that allow your customer to image themselves in your clothes.


Business flatlays help simplify difficult concepts by giving a visual explanation. They build brand, reputation and an image of professionalism that people can appreciate.


Images for branding are the cornerstone of your business. They can position your brand as luxury or budget, speak volumes to who your target audience is and help your personas relate to your business.

Get Yours

Our flatlays are affordable for businesses large and small! Start ups and large caps can reap value from extra photos showing off your products.

Our pack of 5 flatlay photos are just $399 and can be done in under a week. It’s a great way to try us out before a full photoshoot.

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