We are a production agency, specializing in photography for businesses and fashion labels and are based in Melbourne. We produce photos for advertising, content, social media and websites. Focusing on photography as visual content – we build brands, foster engagement and increase conversions.

Since our first inception in 2010, our team has worked hard to keep close to our vision of providing empowering marketing to Australia’s largest companies. We believe in getting the creative right from the start so that paid campaigns get more organic reach and impressions leave a lingering message.

We pride ourselves on enabling brands to reach new levels of growth by making the most of new marketing channels in the digital age. We have always worked to provide premium photos which foster engagement by demonstrating connection and grabbing attention.

Our professional and talented team have over 30 years combined experience in the fashion photo industry. Our art director and producer make visions come to life. Unlike other agencies, we work with a principal photographer for all our work to achieve the same consistent style of image.  Our head photographer is well known Australia-wide and our production team have been carefully screened for the appropriate qualifications and experience.

Our wide range of creative professionals put themselves fully at your service each and every time. A ready-to-go team of makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, prop managers, lighting coordinators and assistants who know each other well and have been working together for 4+ years are what make your shoot a success. 

We are well equipped to provide creative solutions and branded imagery, positioned with a mix of technical and creative skills. We will happily fill your website and social feeds with high-quality, on brand, custom photo content which shows off your products in their best light to drives sales.

Upgrade your quality of marketing collateral and witness the impact it has on your business.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to make the advertising space a more beautiful place.

We are on a mission to fill the world with artistry by aligning brands with their best images. We support our mission by equipping businesses with images that resonate with their audience. It’s good for everyone: audiences get more authentic ads and businesses get more trust from consumers.

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